John Fairhurst legt mit der zweiten Folge zu seiner Show „The Medicine Show“ am 23.05.20 nach!

Die „The Medicine Show“ von John Fairhurst geht am 23.05.20 in die nächste Runde! Diesmal heißt das Thema “The nature of nature is change”!

Tickets für die online Show gibt es für 7£ hier zu erwerben. 10% der Einnahmen werden dabei an eine Organisation gespendet, die Personen & Unternehmen der Musikindustrie durch die Krise helfen!

„Hello excellent humans!

We want to say a very big thank you for supporting me, The Medicine Show, Skyroom Live and Patchwork Studios. Thank you for buying your tickets and supporting independent music and music venues and really getting on board with the idea of streaming a live show under our current circumstances.

It is you guys who are the bedrock of the whole music industry and its is for you that we all do what we do… as well as really enjoying ourselves in the process!

We were all part of something quite incredible last Saturday, something of a revolution, brought on by changing circumstances beyond our collective control. What a thing, an HD gig being played in Wigan, streamed to Johannesburg and then on globally to everyone around the world.. independently!

The Medicine Show was such fun, we will do it again on the 23rd May.. Part 2!

The theme for the next show will be change. “The nature of nature is change” – John May – The Generalist Archive. We live in a permanent state of change, although right now some of these changes are in very sharp focus. Lets talk about that!

In this second edition of The Medicine Show, is included with your ticket, a free download of my second release BAND (2010). Its a very different affair from the instrumental and somewhat pastoral niceties of my first album, The Joys of Spring (2008) which you got with the last show ticket.. A much darker and crazier affair, recorded with a band, reflecting changing times, hardship, moments of joy, loss of love, mental instability and drug abuse.. What a difference 2 years and a changing set of circumstances can have… This is my blues, my coping strategy for a very difficult time.. Music is the medicine.“

Der in London lebende John Fairhurst ist im Heavy Blues zuhause. Zu gleichen Teilen enthüllend wie spannend, kanalisiert der Gitarrist die Unzufriedenheit der Welt. Dabei zollt er dem Rock ’n’ Roll als Protestmusik Tribut. Fairhurst sagt: “Personal greed has far outstripped the need to support the health of society. British politics is a farce. The Government are liars”.

Harte Aussagen erfordern starke Musik und mit dem Titel „The Divided Kindom“ drückt er seine Sicht auf die Dinge aus. Das Album entstand in Zusammenarbeit mit Schlagzeuger und Freund Toby Murray. Tracks wie „Blood & Fire“, „Fear“ und „Lies And A .45“ klingen wütend und greifen die Realität auf, um die Probleme für alle sichtbar zu machen.

Fairhurst wurde bereits vom Acoustic Guitar Magazine USA als einer der Top 3 Resonator-Gitarristen weltweit betitelt.

Das Album wurde teilweise in Murrays und Fairhursts eigenem Studio aufgenommen. „The Divided Kingdom“ ist eine Hommage an ihre Musikleidenschaft und ihre Freundschaft. “A true partnership. Toby is my best friend and my brother. We know each other better than anyone. This is our album, this is our life.” erzählt Fairhurst.